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Camp Doodles!

Hey Doodlers!

I had some free time on my hands (don’t get this often) and started doodling about camping ,something I so badly wish I can go do right now.

If we weren’t in lockdown right now I would be sitting at a campfire with a glass of red wine chatting the night away with my fiance. Now I sit in front of the fireplace (very small one), without wine because we may not buy alcohol boooo and chatting to myself…Fun!

Anywayssss here is the doodles I have compiled:

Camp Doodles

thumbnail_processed (2).jpg



Links of where I got some inspiration:



Have a lovely Friday!

Happy Doodling.


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Hey Doodlers!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and relaxed whilst doing some drawing,colouring in or doodling…well because that is exactly what I did.

Tomorrow I have to be back at work after being home for 3 weeks, I have a bit of mixed emotions because I had sooooo much time for myself, my studies and my fiance which was great and exactly what we and I needed.

I spent most of my days doing assignments in the morning and then from lunch time I usually would start doodling and colouring in.

Now if I go back to work I only finish at 6/7pm and have limited time for everything I enjoy doing, but I’m happy that I actually still have a job during this time and what the whole world is going through.

So on the days I was busy with my studies and working through assignments, I started to think what is needed more when wanting pictures etc. I also asked the girls in my study group and they all had a problem with finding children that is dressed in clothes that boys and girls can wear for example: a boy with a pink or purple shirt and a girl with a blue shirt and some shorts (believe me it’s hard to find pictures).

I started drawing and came up with a few ideas (they aren’t perfect yet,not even close). I actually want to create my own children’s book in the future but I still have a lot ALOTTTTTT of work and improvement to do.

Anyway here is what i have done so far just to showcase that children are free to be whomever they feel comfortable to be.

Happy Doodling!


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Websites to download free colouring pages!

Hey Doodlers!

It’s me again (sorry).

I took a break from doing assignments today because I haven’t been sleeping well and I just needed a break (after I submitted an assignment this morning). My fiance then went to the post office to collect a parcel and I asked him to print a few colouring in pages I downloaded from the internet. They are so lovely so I thought I’d share the websites I like to use when looking for something new to colour in. There are obviously an endless amount of websites that offer colouring pages but I went for a few that is my go-to.

Okay so everyone knows about Pinterest, they offer a nice variety of colouring pages (and anything else, really) :


My favourite one so far is Favorreads Colouring art Club, they ask you to pay for some of the pictures but they have loads thats for free as well which is nice. I’ll post the link for their website below:


You can follow them on Pinterest to get loads of free colouring pages:

The next one is Just Colour, this is also a favourite they have loads of pictures to choose from and a huge variety in themes, go check them out:


Their Pinterest page:

Last but not the least, there is Whimsical Publishing. They have all sorts of great stuff on their website but the colouring pages are beautiful and the main reason I went to have a look. Here is the link and it’s all free :


Any of these websites will give you a huge variety to choose from so ENJOY!

I got the following colouring in pages below from these various websites, which I am also working on. You can download them if you also want to try it out :

I hope you find these helpful and take a moment for yourself to relax and do some colouring in.

Hot Chocolate and Colouring in…HMMMMM..my favourite.

Happy Doodling (Colouring) !


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🍩 Donuts!

Hey Doodlers!

I was working on assignments today because I’m not allowed back at work yet ,my fever is about 37.4 ish so I’m going back on Monday after being home for 3 weeks.

So anyway I wanted to take a bit of a break because well my brain felt a bit fried and I thought hey you need to relax a bit (like i haven’t been), so I got out my pencil case and a new book to draw in and started flipping through the pages. I chose a picture I liked and the caption on the page said “He loves me? He loves me not? What secret surprise awaits this lovesick gal?”

And then I thought to myself if my fiance had to bring me a gift right at this minute, one that would make me sooooooo happy, what would it be?? Wellll this is What I came up with hahahahahaha :

This is the book I used.
DONUTS!!! I want donutsssss

A way to a girls heart is with donuts (well to mine atleast).

Link to the book: https://www.amazon.com/Pop-Art-pictures-color-draw/dp/1499803621

Have a lovely evening!

Happy Doodling!!!


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Saturday Doodles.

Hey Doodlers!

It’s 11pm (this was last night LOL) I’m in bed after watching ASMR true crime and I can’t seem to fall asleep.

Today was a rather strange day for me. I love weekends but today I felt so..hmmm how do I say this…Meh? If thats even a word.

I’m not sure If its because weekends these days aren’t as exciting, as we aren’t allowed to go places (Lockdown level 3) or if it’s because I have been sick for 2 weeks straight meaning i have been home and haven’t left for more than 14 days.
It can also be that I soooo badly want a glass of red wine but we may not buy alcohol (crying).

Today I drew and did some doodling, watched tv with my fiance and ate a bunch of bad stuff (Bread, chips, sweets, fizzy drinks etc).

My fiance was getting cranky because I’m actually a homebody and LOVE being at our house and he just wants to get out.
So after alot.. and i mean ALOT of begging I agreed to go with him to a field and kick rugby ball..jip this happened. To my surprise I actually enjoyed it (a little).
I then convinced him that we needed some junk food (like we haven’t had enough already) and we went to KFC. After stuffing my face I decided to start drawing again….Well lets just say you can see how my mood was if you look at the colour of my drawings. I didn’t know what I wanted to draw and I absolutely did not want to colour in.

At around 9pm I decided that I wanted to clean our apartment, i don’t mean just picking up stuff and packing away..nope I wanted to polish,vacuum,change linen and scrub the bathroom. Jip thats what I did, there was a moment I stopped and thought did I inhale something that I am unaware of, was there something in my hot chocolate because who in their RIGHT mind cleans their house at 9pm on a Saturday night (someone with no life I’d say).

We were done(hubby helped) and I took my 3rd shower for the day. I felt annoyed, pissed off and just extremely irritable and I was like girl nobody forced you to do this..why you grumpy AF!!!

I got dressed in clean pj’s and poured myself a glass of muscadel with frozen
strawberries, went to sit at my desk got my pencil case out and started putting colour to my very dull looking drawings, watched ASMR true crime (i’ll post the link, it’s hilarious) and enjoyed my drink. It changed my whole mood around and I couldn’t believe it…I felt better and happier with myself and my day.

After drawing I got into bed and started typing this…so Enjoy!

Here is the drawings I did before and after I added some colour to my life:

Just black and white.
I added some COLOUR!
My favourite one was the little Mouse.
“Head in the Clouds”

I hope you guys enjoyed this.

Inspiration for the drawings came from:


Asmr True Crime:

Have a lovely SUNday!

Happy Doodling.


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Hello I’m new 😂


Hey Doodlers!

I am very VERY new to this whole blogging thing and you might notice during my posts (unfortunately).It took me a week to just get this started because I have no idea what I’m doing!

Anyway, on here I will post my drawings( if you can call them that), doodles and the pictures I colour in.

I mostly colour in books and don’t really draw and then colour because well… I am not an artist! This is just a blog for myself and anyone that likes to draw ,doodle ,paint, colour in etc without having the pressure for it to be perfect.

I will try to post a short time lapse video (if i remember) of me colouring in or just doodling a few times a month.

I am currently studying to become a pre-school teacher and I do all of this in my free time. Please post your pictures, drawings, doodles or anything really (art related, no nudes).

Happy Doodling!